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Which product can be supported through the whitelabel solution?
FTX is powered by the same API that will be made available to our whitelabel partners. Essentially, our partners can offer the same scope of features that FTX offers. Any new feature developed by FTX can be utilized by our partners as well. To note, the offering scope is subject to the license requirement under local jurisdiction of our partner.
Can you provide user deposit/withdrawal aside from buy, hold and sell?
Yes, each of the users will have their own custodial wallet with FTX, which will enable them to deposit crypto assets directly into their wallet or withdraw assets from their wallet.
Can users login to FTX directly?
Users will not be able to login to FTX. Instead, users will only be able to log in from our partner’s website or application.
What type of custody is provided? How do you manage cold, warm and hot wallets?
FTX is the custodian of all crypto assets. The custody is split between cold, warm, and hot wallet with standard security processes.

FTX uses a best practice hot wallet and cold wallet standard solution for the custody of virtual assets. We have developed proprietary technology and controls to manage the transfer of funds between the different solutions.
Which fiat currencies do you support through your payment rails?
Please see here for our local payment options and currencies we support.
What are the available payment methods, like ACH, debit or credit?
We support ACH, wire transfers, debit cards, and credit cards.
Who are your banking / financial partner(s)?
We have a large number of financial partners for different on and off ramps solutions. For banking partners we use Silvergate, Signature, DBS, Deltec. We use Circle / Checkout / Nuvei and Plaid (ACH) as our payment processor and particular solutions.
What’s your KYC/AML/Sanction screening process?
The primary focus of our compliance and legal department is on AML and customer onboarding. For this purpose, we employ analysts and rely on a number of service providers (including sanctions databases, KYC / AML screening providers, etc). All individual and related parties of institutional clients are KYC’d, screened, and monitored against sanction lists.

In order to have effective and efficient processes here, we have built our AML Policy, which in turn is supplemented by our KYC processes and procedures document that governs institutional and individual KYC onboarding. As FTX’s legal and regulatory obligations evolve, the compliance function shall also proactively grow and transform in lock-step to fulfill these requirements.
What is your KYC standard?
You can find it here for individual users and here for institutional users.
What’s the implementation process and average time to market for similar partners?
It varies for each whitelabel partners with the shortest being less than 2 weeks. In particular, the partner will need (a) a good full stack engineer (b) design resources (c) legal and compliance support.
What kind of support will whitelabel partners have?
For whitelabel users, we offer 24/7 follow-the-sun customer support through the Support Ticket APIs to interface with FTX Support directly. Separately, we have a dedicated integration team to support our partners during the integration phase.
What kind of documentation does FTX provide in terms of whitelabel solution?
Our public API can be found here. On top of that, we have a whitelabel specific postman collection that we can share with our qualified partners.

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